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What do Harry Houdini, David Copperfield and Howard Jay have in common? They're all Jewish magicians, and all their mother's have asked, "From this you make a living?"

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Howard Jay Rubin is a rare combination of passionate Jewish educator and celebrated entertainer. He uses his degree in Psychology from Duke University in order to interact and stay in-tune with his audiences so that a wondrous atmosphere is created and each audience member leaves the show feeling like the performance was especially for them.

The forty articles that he has authored for national magazines have helped him to fine-tune his ability write and adapt his shows so that each performance is beguiling, bewildering and beyond compare. He has interviewed some of the most influential Jewish Rabbi's in the country, who have in-turn taught him much about incorporating Jewish tradition in his magic.

The series of scripts he has written for children's educational television has helped him to inspire childlike fun in his audiences, no matter what age they are.

Since arriving in Los Angeles in 1989, Howard has become a fixture at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, starring there more than almost any other entertainer.

Although he is just as happy performing for the family-next-door as he is for celebrities, Howard's charming humor, strong magic and unique style of tailoring his performance to each event, has made him one of the most popular magicians in Hollywood.

Though his magic will always be a part of him, it is his work as a Jewish educator that has become a growing passion over the last ten years. In this influential role, Howard has created and taught Torah magic events at synagogues and gatherings across the Jewish spectrum. For the past six years, Howard's passion has been teaching a bi-weekly Torah study and Kaballah course. His unique approach to Torah study, as a life-changing spiritual practice, has inspired hundreds to understand Jewish teaching in new and exciting ways.

Howard can be reached by phone at (213) 434-1982. So whether you're hosting a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Family Gathering, Temple Event, School Assembly, or Fundraiser, Howard Jay Rubin can be the magical key to your event's entertainment.

Throughout his career, Howard has been deft and artful in his expression of his craft. This has meant that since arriving in Los Angeles in 1989, Howard has been a fixture at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, starring there more than almost any other entertainer.

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